Consumers often get overwhelmed with the number of lighting choices on aisle. They end up buying the same broken bulb in their hands and not upgrading to a higher-end product.


Present a solution to help consumer select the right product for their needs while providing added customer service to the Philips consumers. Distill complex concepts into simple conversations to serve a personalized experience to each user.


Michael Danz (Art Direction Intern), John Harkins (Copywriter Intern), Thu Do (Innovation Strategist, Art Director, UX)


Identify innovation, establish innovation + consumer strategy. Provide character building, conversation UX, and art direction guidance.



In-store field research

As we conducted interviews in-store with customers, we found that they are faced with overwhelming choices, both in-store and online.

As a result, people tend to shop with their broken bulb in hand to overcome this confusion which means they rarely upgrade to a better bulb. This also creates high switching barrier.


why chatbot?

Messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Kik & WeChat have come up with a unique tool to help brands connect at a personal level with customers: Chatbot

With Facebook Messenger, we have an opportunity to connect with 900M monthly users*, to provide instant customer service, drive online purchase while building on Philips’ innovative brand image.

We’ll help distilling complex concepts into simple conversations to serve very different experiences to each customer.

*At current time of research



HP is using a Facebook Messenger bot to allow consumers to print their photos, documents, and files to any connected HP printer. It also helps customers set up HP Connected and receive notifications to re-order toner cartridges.


product market fit

For Philips, chatbot amplifies the Information and Innovation space, raising awareness of key product innovation in a socially engaging way.


Meet Phil

your lovable little robot lighting expert.

Key character building and feature development based on consumer needs.


consumer needs / features

Need guidance on the right product to buy

  • Product search / Product recommendations

Want to get top-level consumer service without the hassle

  • Natural language conversation at the touch of a finger

Buying in-store or online

  • Provide directions to store or online buying options

Want lighting to enhance home atmosphere

  • Provide lighting tips for home illumination and decor purposes

Character building

Phil is:

  • Rational
  • Knowledgable
  • Witty
  • Pleasant
  • Disarming
  • Passionate about getting lighting 'just right'
  • Helpful

Consumer journey

HELPFULNESS at every touch point

Clear consumer mindset, brand objective, and call-to-action at every step of the journey.


measuring interactions


Guide optimization by measuring the user engagement based on the following metrics:


User retention rate

Popular content

Popular action / button

Popular user inputs

Natural language search terms and sentence structures




Technology sometimes takes over the experience without addressing true consumer needs.
In this case, chatbot becomes an enabler, a vehicle to deliver the top-notch consumer service and to drive product conversions for Philips.