Reckitt Benckiser recognizes the benefits of 1:1 communication. It has 2.5M+ consumers in the database across multiple brands and needs a fluid way to engage with these consumers.


Create communication strategy and plans to provide helpful content and relevant offers based on audience insights.


Adam Abrahami (Data Strategy Lead), Marcus Liwag (Creative Lead), Ashley Raymond (Production Lead), Nicole Monzon (Design Lead), Thu Do (CRM Strategy Lead)


Lead CRM strategy as well as account management.

Work include CRM campaign positioning, persona development, consumer journey mapping, communication strategy and planning.

Campaigns in progress

60+ Communications

3 Branded Journeys

CRM Strategy

Based on the analytical understanding of key audience

Understand the audience interest in alignment with brand objectives to create communication plan for every touch point of the consumer journey.

Messaging hierarchy


Prioritize and highlight key actions we want our audience to take on every email.


Lysol Communication  Samples

Targeting the moms audience with helpful cleaning tips, product education, and offers.


Air Wick Communication Samples

Provide home decor tips and product how-tos to home-makers.


Mucinex Communication Samples

Be helpful to chronic condition patients with tips, tools, and product offers.


CRM has a strong advantage in tapping into the audience insight to create relevant content and offer for each consumer. It is more than coupons and offer codes. CRM is a beneficial tool to create long-term loyalty and advocacy.